Building or Renovating ?



 Make your first stop your best stop.

 McLauchlan Building Designers will assimilate your visions and site features into an innovative, tasteful and functional design.

Our award winning team will co-ordinate all aspects of design and fit out, with detailed specifications.

If you don’t have a builder, we will use our list of proven builders to select ones suitable for tender on your job after we have matched suitability, timing, location and the nature of job to ensure your project is handled by the right builder for you.

When requested we will maintain administration with the builder during construction, to assist with resolution of any issue to achieve the best possible result.


Multi award winning team includes designers, architects, and interior design. We can include all of the required assistance of engineers, landscape design, pool construction.


Take advantage of our preliminary design consultation when we will explore the options available to upgrade your home. Your ‘New’ Build will be energy smart, livable, versatile.


A great home combines great vision, understanding, flair and communications. Our homes get better after you’ve lived in them a while as you experience the things we talked about.