Glen Iris Home

Project Brief.

The owners wanted a Unique Design Home on this site in Glen Iris. 
For our clients we designed a Custom home that would cater for both large groups whilst having zones that could be sectioned off when their needs changed. Further to this, we wanted to create a house environment that reflects both the notion of coming together, and being linked to the external environment. The house is divided into separate zones linked by one main central hub, where people can come together to relax, socialize and prepare food. By extending large entertaining areas out from this main hub into the alfresco area, a sense of space and flexibility is further added. Large and open outdoor areas are linked back to the interiors of the house with large sliding doors and windows.


Glen Iris House
New Home


Due to the flat residential nature of the site, the house was formed by a number of guiding factors, including a landscaped, internal courtyard to allow more natural light into the home. To the front of the property, a smaller more intimate and private space has been created, whilst on the other side, a large more open area is created. To reduce the visual bulk of the building form, a series of strong horizontal and vertical elements have been employed to create a well-integrated home to its surroundings.
Unique Touches
High quality finishes throughout enhance a design which incorporates special touches like the ‘Feature Brick’ and timber floors & doors.
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
We created a Custom Home - an object of desire with a sense of place.. 

What it meant to the client.

The outcome is a stunning home, providing the desired open plan living flowing into the outdoor entertaining zones, with a beautiful treed landscape. The result is a modern and contemporary home with simple clean lines, befitting our clients lifestyle, at the same time blends with the Neighbourhood and most importantly meets the clients brief in spades. Client Quote:
"Who we are is reflected in the size, shape , brightness, textures of the unique features which continual take our breath away. The cosy atmosphere through the seasons arises from the pure design of a thermal home. The enormous windows allow the outside to seamlessly merge with our rooms like walls don’t exist. The different times of day bring with them the interplay of shadow and light in changing textures which animates and simulates discussion and reflection.To have this functional space with the integrated technologies means that we can share with our family and friends many exceptional moments."
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