Laburnum Renovation

Project Brief.

The owner wished to achieve two key outcomes. Having brought up her family in this home of 45 years, it was time to carry out some essential maintenance while providing a dual living environment for one son, his partner and their son. The existing character-filled home should be resurrected and optimised for mother to live on the ground floor, while the extended family shared time and space as appropriate, though retaining separation with independent living on the upper floor.

The home was constructed around the 1920-30’s in the “Tudor Style” on a treed allotment facing north. The site is in a Significant Landscape Overlay adjacent to the renowned bellbird area of Blackburn. A planning permit was required. Significant trees in front and behind the home contribute to the bush context of the site. One dramatic palm tree provides an outstanding feature to the rear garden.


Laburnum Residence
Extension & Renovation
Second Living Space
Situated at the rear of the extension, with the main outlook into the southern yard, this space provides solitude within a tranquil garden setting.


Key to the design solution was retention of the existing steep roof form, recessing the new work behind the east-west ridge. The intent was to “lose” the extension in the treed backdrop, prompting the use of charcoal stained Weathertex Ecogroove Woodsman upper storey cladding.

The design achieves external continuity through the charcoal colour scheme matching the existing fascias and trim, and the continued use of red face-bricks to the ground floor. Limited render panels and use of stained timber add contrast.

Internally polished timber floors link old and new. The discretely located staircase allows privacy and noise separation between living zones while providing discrete direct entry to the upper wing.
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
Each room creates its own unique minimalistic space. 

What it meant to the client.

Importantly the integrity of the existing home has been retained, whilst the extensions and renovations have exceeded expectations for their three generational needs. As a result, all family members are extremely happy with the outcome.
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