Hilton Street Mount Waverley

Project Brief.

Living in Western Australia, but still having some family ties within Victoria, our client approached us looking for a design company that could conceive two Townhouses, in a Duplex configuration, that would be suitable within the context of Mount Waverley, and expectations of discerning prospective purchasers.

The brief was for 3 to four bedrooms, with the Master Suite on the ground floor, open plan living areas, double garaging and some design flair to make the project stand out from the surrounding modest neighbourhood, without ruffling too many feathers.


Hilton Street Mount Waverley
Multi Residential – Town houses
Second Living Space
Beaming with natural light, it's easy to keep warm and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.


From the outset we advised our clients that Monash Councils Town Planning Department was very negative toward Duplex developments and were informed that VCAT action would more than likely be required. Another negative, to achieve our clients brief, was the need to build onto both side boundaries, yet another design component not readily supported by the local Council. Fortunately the property immediately to the south, effectively gave the appearance of being built from boundary to boundary, so this opportunity was seized upon to support our desire for a similar configuration.

The site also had a very significant tree within the front setback, which was paired with similar trees on adjoining properties to the north. It was deemed inappropriate to suggest removal of this tree, so the homes were designed to protect the tree by use of added front setbacks and permeable paving, within the Tree Protection Zone (TPZ).
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
Each room creates its own unique minimalistic space. 

What it meant to the client.

The resulting design considered these elements, with both garages on the side boundaries, a party wall separating the two dwellings and the tree retention, however as advised, Council did not support the application on the previously mentioned grounds, with resulting VCAT action and success in appealing the refusal.

The outcome presents two individual attached dwellings, with some modern flair, plus elements that are not dissimilar to the surrounding architecture, but blends well within the context of the neighbourhood.

The end result, when the townhouses were placed on the market, was a financial reward exceeding our clients’ expectations.
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